Techniques For Stamping, Part 1.

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I Love To Stamp,

More so, to color in cute stamps with Copic alcohol Markers. Something about it is relaxing and helps to calm my anxiety.

Not only is stamping and coloring my stamp art a stress reliever for me, it also makes your bullet journal and/or planner look amazing and unique. This is one of the reasons I decideded to put this series together.


There is a huge amount of information out there that first starting out, stamping can be frustrating and overwhelming. That is why I decided to make this a series and break it down into 4 separate blog posts.


In hopes that this amount of information will be easier to take in. Also, I will be including all the links to where you can purchase these items throughout this and future posts.




This post may contain affiliate links. With that being said you never pay more and I only link products I’ve tried and / or use and can stand behind 100%. Thank You for supporting my small business, Planning In The Deep.





This Series will consist of 4 blog posts that will include bonus video and free printables to help you along the way!


Here is what we will be talking in this series:


  • How to begin stamping, the accessories you can use and will need.

  • Where you can buy either functional, planner or cute clear stamps. And what shops I prefer.

  • The best supplies I’ve found over the years to rock stamping and budget friendly storage options.

  • Tips on stamping into your planner or bullet journal without bleeding through pages.

  • How to use alcohol markers to get a more realistic look when coloring in your stamp art. I will be including the exact Copic shade numbers to achieve a flawless blend while coloring different skin tones and hair colors.


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Part 1 -How To Begin Stamping, The Basics.


It took me three years of research along with a lot of trial and error to get to where I am now. In this series I will begin with the basics and accessories that are needed to stamp, ending with blending techniques and color shades for coloring with Copic Markers.


I will be guiding you through this process slowly to avoid overwhelm. God only knows the amount of money, time and effort I wasted over the years trying different techniques out to mostly fail. Stamping is not easy at first, but with practice it will get much easier, I promise.


Are you ready? Let’s begin!


* If You Are Interested In Stamping IN A Bullet Journal, Check Out This Post Here !


5 Supplies You Will Need To Begin Stamping.



1- Clear Stamps Of Your Choice.


There are many options when it comes to clear stamps. It basically depends on the amount you want to pay vs the quality of the stamp. I’ve found that the cheaper stamps “per say” do not hold ink as well as the better quality clear stamps. You can find good options at Michael’s such as the Happy Planner Brand, Jane Development and one of my favorites, the Recollections graphing stamp set.

These stamps range from 9 to 12$ per sheet. All though they hold the ink, they don’t come close to the ones I am about to mention. I have heard priming your stamp which is basically gently going over the stamp with a nail file all though I never had to do that with the ones I about to list next. 


My favorite online shops that sell clear stamps are available from Love Cynthia and Sweet Stamp Shop. They range anywhere from 7$ to 16$ depending on the size of the sheet and the amount of stamps the sheet consists of. These clear photopolymer stamps are high quality stamps and absorbe the ink like a sponge. You will get a nice dark stamp image with these stamps and will not see the ink as almost runny ( if you get what I’m saying) like you do with your cheaper stamps.

I have personally ordered many times from Love Cynthia and her Happy Girls are my all time favorite.  Not only are these stamps super cute, you can get any theme you are looking for such as planner stamps, household, girl boss, crafty, travel, family and much more. Check out Love Cynthia to see her enormous variety. On top of stamps, she carries adorable washi tape and Stencils for every planner out there.

The same goes for Sweet Stamp Shop, her stamps range from functional to adorable and come in mini sheets to larger sheets. Sweet Stamp Shop also sells wonderful stamp pads, accessories, ink to refill your pad along with acrylic blocks. And like Love Cynthia, her stamps are high quality. Check out Sweet Stamp Shop Here.


2- A Good Permanent Dye-Ink Pad.

Bullet Journal Collection

This is super important depending on whether or not you are planning to color in your stamp art with alcohol markers such as Copics. The Momento Dye-Ink is the best I came across so far, I’ve had the best success with this stamp pad when coloring in my work.

You will not have your image smear like some of the other stamp pads out there. This stamp pad is truly permanent and does not smear your stamp image what so ever. Other people swear by Versa Mark Stamp Pads and Staz-On, though they are great options, I have found better luck using Momento.

Best stamp pads

Now if your stamping something that will not need to be colorod, such as a day or date header or any link of banner or flag at the top of your page. I love the Tim Holtz  Distress Ink Pads. These Distress Ink Pads come a large variety of gorgeous colors to choose from, also they are not as large as your typical pad and stack together. These are my second favorite besides the Momento being I color in my art a lot.



3- Acrylic Stamp Blocks In A Variety Of Sizes.



The blocks I use and prefer are made by Fiskers. Not only are they easy to use, they are super easy to line up being these particular acrylic stamp blocks have a white graph imprint.

I have the dimensions in the picture so you can get a idea of the difference in sizes that are available. Just keep in mind that it all depends on the sizes of your stamps. You may not need a really small one, I do find however that having a variety of sizes on hand is a good idea just Incase. Usually the blocks are sold in 3-4 block packs with a variety of sizes.

The last thing I need to mention for anyone out there not stamping into a planner but making something such as a card, I have this large stamp pad with magnetic circles that hold your art in place. You put the clear stamp on the inside clear top and the paper on the inside bottom, with a couple magnets to keep it in place. So say you accidentally don’t Ink the entire image, your work is in place along with the stamp so you can just stamp again and again without mistakes. 


4- Stamp Cleaner To Clean Your Stamps.


Cleaning your stamps after every use is a must. Trust me on this one, I’ve cracked a few of my good stamps by not properly cleaning them. I love the Staz On and the Recollections brands, but any stamp cleaner will work. You could use the stamp cleaner with a baby wipe or just use the baby wipe alone if you do not have stamp cleaner. I usually spray or dab (depending on the tip of the cleaner)  the stamp in my hand or on a paper plate with the stamp cleaner, rub it around or even use a q tip, if you have a detailed stamp, to get inside the hair and other small areas of the stamp.



5- Storage Ideas For Stamps & Stamping Accessories.


At the current moment, I found that one of them pretty decorative shoeboxes from Michael’s works fabulously. Over the years I’ve tried so many time consuming and expensive storage solutions to just end up using simple pretty shoe boxes. I tried laminating pouches together, sticking stamps to them and punching them into mini binders, Buying expensive 12 by 12 clear stamp sleeves that go into a expensive binder system.

I would end up frustrated and honestly hated having to put the stamps back onto the pouches. I’m lazy like that. I learned the hard way that two pretty shoeboxes look and work so much better then any other more expensive methods I’ve tried.

Wrapping this post up....


Firstly, here is 3 tips for anyone looking to incorporate stamping and using alcohol markers in their planner.


1- Stamp first on white matte sticker paper

2- Color In your stamp art with alcohol markers

3- Cut out your stamp image and stick it in your planner.


I’ve had alcohol markers bleed through one or more for that matter, future weeks because i didn’t use sticker paper first, and accidentally, not thinking, stamped directly into my Erin Condren Life Planner.



Part 1 we went over exactly what you will need to begin stamping. Next series will dive into the techniques of stamping and what ink to use, along with the different textures of ink pads to use.

I will also dive more into the clear stamps I use, and the coloring process to achieve amazing results with your Copic Markers (or any alcohol marker of your choice).

Lastly, I will have a video tutorial and free printables to download in future posts, make sure to follow along.


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What do you think of stamping?


Does anything intimidate you while stamping or have you learned tricks like myself over the years? I would love to hear your thoughts and questions.


Leave your comments down below so we can chat. 

Look out for post 2 on techniques to getting the perfect stamp image, and let people think you drew that beautiful buller Journal Layout! 


💜 Jackie


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