2018-2019 Erin Condren Monthly Deluxe Life Planner. Walkthrough!

Happy Monday.  

Today I received my new 2018-2019 Erin Condren Monthly Deluxe Planner. I did a full unboxing on my Youtube channel if you wanna check it out underneath. 

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In today’s post I will be talking about the newly redesigned Erin Condren Monthly Deluxe Life Planner along with ideas on how to utilize your monthly planner to increase your productivity . 

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I chose the hexagon cover with a  rose gold coil and the additional extra 40 note pages. I feel for the extra 5$ it costs to add 40 extra note pages it’s a great deal. I have used other Erin Condren Monthly Deluxe Planners in the past but never upgraded the note pages .


However I never had enough note pages to fit my needs. I do though feel that 40 extra notepages is plenty in my opinion at least , though there is also a option of no extra note pages and 80 extra note pages.  It all depends on how you plan to use your monthly planner. 


1- First step is choosing the cover of your choice.

I love so many of the options and find myself going back and forth sometimes for days. The options are endless from different colors , designs, gold-silver-rose gold accents and seasonal covers. Most importantly they are customizable.  Erin Condren’s covers are interchangeable which makes these beautiful covers even better  


2- Secondly you pick your size.

I love the 7 by 9 being it’s the same size as the Life planner however never tried the bigger version. Also you pick neutral or colorful, lately I’ve been drawn to the neutral. All though it’s neutral there’s still pops of color through, I love that feature.   


3- Thirdly, you pick if you want extra note pages.

I suggest doing at least the first option, 40 extra for 5$ but ultimately it’s your choice. If you want no extra there’s a option for that or if you want to splurge for 80 extra pages I believe that’s 10$ more. But as I mentioned it’s totally up to you and how you will plan to use it.  


4- Lastly it’s Customization Time.  

Most covers you can change the standard color options. Some you can customize the pattern and background , where others just can just customize the pattern or background.  You will see a box with rainbow dots when you first pick you cover, that rainbow dot box means you can customize the the patterns and / or design colors of that specific cover option . Most covers you can get enough space for your name, Instagram handle or even a quote. Others can just be initials or a limited amount of characters. It all depends on which cover you choose. 


5 - The Monthly Planner Layout  

As you enter your new monthly planner it is very similar in ways of the life planner minus the weeks and some extras. You have the removable cover with the dry erase back ( I recommend getting her wet erase markers because they don’t rub off as easily as dry erase ). Next to the front back cover is the cover page that reads Monthly Deluxe Life Planner with 3 lines underneath. These lines are obviously for your name and contact info.   

After the cover page is a 2 Page yearly calendar for 2019.

More so,  the new Erin Condren Monthly Deluxe Life Planner has the 2 Page goal / productivity page like the life planner also has after the yearly calendar. 

Then come the monthly pages . There is a couple different options when it comes to the month you want your planner to start. I had mine start July 2018 and goes through June 2019. In the beginning of the monthly’s is a note page for that months notes and or goals. Right next to that note page is a decorated quote page with your laminated monthly tab on the edge. Once you flip the quote page over your 2 Page monthly spread  begins , followed by 5 lined note pages between each month.  

6 - After Your Monthly Pages Subside. 

After all your months subside comes the perpetual calendar then the note tab. If you notice it has changed up a bit, usually the perpetual calendar is after the note section.  

Erin Condren Monthly Deluxe Planner Note Section.  

Erin Condren Monthly Deluxe Planner Note Section.  

Then comes the note pages, this is where the extra note pages come into play(if your ordered extra that is). I’m not sure the total page count with the extra 40 but I’ll have to check and come back here and edit this post to reflect the page count .

All the note pages are lined with colored flags in the top corners of each page. 


After your notes come two sticker sheets. These stickers were revamped and have a clear texture to them. I am really loving these even more now.


One of the last parts of the new Monthly Deluxe Planner is the sturdy double pocket folder with the new woven wonder pattern along with the back removable cover. This cover like the front features a note section as well that can be written on with wet erase marker. Only difference is that the one on the back of the front cover is lined where the one on the back is blank with a banner header. 


So that about concludes this pist about about the new 2018-2019 Monthly Deluxe Life Planner. I like to use my Erin Condren Monthly Deluxe for lists, blogging or my channel. Also you could use it for household/ cleaning lists or maybe social media manager. The possibilities are endless.  

What do you think of the new Erin Condren Monthly Deluxe Life Planner?

I would love to hear your thoughts below in the comments.  

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While I was in Austin Texas attending Go Wild,  I had the opportunity to visit the Erin Condren Flagship Store. Ever Since Erin Condren announced she was opening a actual store it has been my dream to visit the store in person. The only obstacle in my way was that unfortunately I live in PA and the Flagship Store is located in Austin Texas.  


The very first thing on my mind as I was checking into my room at the Hilton was how to get to the EC store but by that time the store was shortly closing.  The following day was registration day but didn’t start until 2PM, my roomies ended up coming early that day. We ended up taking the train from Downtown Austin to the Domain where the EC Flagship Store was located. 


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The Erin Condren Flagship Store is extremely unique, creative and colorful. This store is any planner girls dream come true. As you walk in are a set of colorful rainbow steps that lead to a upper level with a marquee type EC lighted sign. The upstairs was blocked off all though you could go on the steps to take a picture, you just couldn’t go up to the loft type room!

the steps of the Erin Condren Flagship Store 

the steps of the Erin Condren Flagship Store 


The steps were the iconic place everyone took picture! 


Secondly,  as you walk to your right were big screens made of of four smaller screens displaying pictures of the Life Planner, Accessories and quotes. There were quite a few around the store!


Thirdly,  the breathtaking white tree that was located by the checkout counter. This tree went floor to ceiling and branched out throughout the entire store above head looked like a attic type room but this was blocked off for employees only. 



As I was browsing throughout the store there were tables upon tables of planners, acssessories , covers, totes, t shirts , stickers and so much more. More so walls with shelving displaying petite planners, notebooks , sticky notes , stickers and  accessories

On the back wall was a display of covers and this is where you connected with an employee to create your perfect life planner. Amanda, My helpful customer service rep was super friendly, helpful and kind. She helped me pick all the details to create my perfect Life Planner and guided me throughout the entire process  


The process for creating your Erin Condren Life Planner was mostly the same process as ordering it online ,  if you are a repeat EC customer then you have this process down pat. You choose a coil color (I love the black coil) layout, whether you want colorful or neutral and your personalization. Yes your life planner is personalized and coiled right in store!


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After putting in my order with Amanda I glanced over and noticed 3 carpeted steps that lead to a SUNKEN PIT with these modern style pretty couches and tables where you could sit and relax or even use your new EC goodies.  



As I was browsing waiting for my planner employees were giving out mimosas along with sparkling water.  The cover I chose was the white woven wonder. (Picture next to this) More so are the amount  of cover options from brand new patterns to old ! 



I ended up grabbing a bunch of accessories I have been eying up for a while now. After paying for my planner along with my other items and accessories , I headed over to the counter where the life planners were placed after being assembled and personalized.   


All though the planners do not change drastically from year to year she is always improving them based on customer feedback.  For example - last year she teamed up with Mohawk paper company and up’ed the paper quality even better then it previously was.

This new planner has lined paper between the months instead of the 3 circles and two columns. I always loved the idea of that page and actually made a video here if your interested.  I tried really hard to be consistent with that page but  struggled on utilizing it. I think going back to plain note pages was a excellent idea. 


Wrapping up this post I would say that the Erin Condren Flagship Store is not only creative and unique but most importantly the customer service is the best I found while shopping in stores.


Now I love to here what you think.  

Do you love your Erin Condren Life Planner or have you never purchased one before?  

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Let me know in the comments below! 








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Bullet Journal Layouts Simply.

Hey Friends ❤

Welcome back for another Bullet Journal post. I truly hope this post helps up your Bullet Journal game. Bullet Journaling unfortunately can be very intimidating more so if you do not have the neatest writing, like myself.


I swoon over all the beautiful layouts and color schemes of these talented woman and there layouts we see on Pinterest  and Instagram . Enough fan girling......Do you want to create perfect and neat layouts that look as if you spent hours doing?

This post may contain affiliate links. I only link items I absolutely love and use on a daily basis. This means I could make a small commission but you never pay more. Thank you for supporting my small blog. ❤



Today I will be discussing a couple tools I use to create Bullet Journal spreads that not only look perfect but are super simple to create. For anyone out there who are Bullet Journal challenged such as myself, these tools are absolutely a must. But mostly these are amazing tools to use when creating spreads without the constant frustration of feeling like a Preschooler learning how to write your name for the very first time! ( Guilty )

I have been trying to utilize Bullet Journaling now for almost 2 years. Shamefully also can’t tell you how many 20$ notebooks I’ve purchased from Amazon with the mindset that this time will be different, that this time I will get it down. Unfortunately, that was never the outcome.


However,  I wanted to keep a bullet journal in the worse way and started thinking of alternative options to creating the perfect layout with a little assistance! And this is how my list was created.  Let’s get started .


How To Create Perfect Bullet Journal Layouts Simply! 



1. Bullet Journal Stencils:

Bullet Journal layout stencils are absolutely amazing.  You get that PIntrest worthy layout even if you are bujo challenged such as myself 

I’ve owned a couple stencils already but they weren’t layout stencils ~ meaning the layout is already precut and all you have to do is trace along the lines .

These are also your best friend if you are like myself and have sloppy writing because most shops who sell Bullet Journal Stencils also sell lettering headers 

One of my favorite - go to shops for stencils is Love Cynthia also you need to check out Love Cynthias clear stamps. I own many if not most of her stamps and they are absolutely adorable as well as functional. Stamps are also a fantastic way to make your Bullet Journal layouts look AMAZING!  

Another brand I love is MoxieDori on Etsy! This shop sells so many creative Bullet Journal stencils that I can't wait to order more. They literally have a stencil for every layout and collection imaginable. Even your beginning month pages such as Hello February. It was the best 8-9$ I've invested in my notebook.

2. Alternative Option... Bullet Journal Stickers

There are a good amount of shops out there who sell Bullet Journal Stickers among Planner Stickers. They have everything from headers, boxes, habit trackers and more. Some even have a full page sticker that fit perfectly in a A5 notebook! Here is a list of shops who sell awesome Bullet Journal Stickers:


* Boho Berry Paperie on Etsy


The picture listed below is a printable A5 layout I purchased from Boho Berry Paperie on Etsy.  I printed this on sticker paper, trimmed it down a tad and added to my Bullet Journal. This is a great way to get beautiful layouts when you absolutely suck at Bullet Journaling!

This printable is from Boho Berry Paperie On Etsy aka the talented Kara Benz from BohoBerry.com .

You can check out her wide variety of bullet journal layouts, doodles and stickers here!  

- Sunshine Sticker Cfo. On Etsy

- Birds Fly Studios On Etsy

- Krissyanne Designs online

3. Notebooks That Work Great For Bullet Journaling:

Go on Amazon and purchase one. You don't have to start out with a Leuchtturm that is if you want to of coarse. I would love to add that I have purchased multiple notebooks for 5-10$ that had the paper quality of the Leuchtturm but just Spiral Bound . Honestly, I really like Spiral Bound being the Pages year out easily , especially if just starting out.

Below are a list of my favorite Bullet Journal Notebooks 


- Milko Dot Grid 2 Pack Spiral Bound Notebooks These notebooks range for about 10$ for two and the paper is smooth and has a heavy gsm count  I really love this brand and since it’s spiral no worries about messing up!

-Rhodia Wirebound Grid Notebook This has amazing paper and also comes in a bound version. This ranges between 8$-10$.


Leuchtturm 1917 A5 (medium): This is my favorite and well Know and favored in the Bullet Journal community. This notebook has number pages , ribbon bookmarks, incredible paper a index and side pocket folder in the back cover. The paper quality is amazing and has a elastic closure.

Scribbles That Matter: This is another good one with excellent paper, ribbon bookmarks and a elastic enclosure. This is a close second in the community.

4. Other Items You Could Incorporate:

Washi Tape:

I love all washi but Love Cynthia and Simply Gilded On Etsy have beautiful washi.

Clear Stamps:

My Favorite is Love Cynthia but now Krissyanne Designs has stamps so this is a game changer for me being I’m a #kaddict. 

Good Ink For Stamping:

If you plan on coloring in your art after stamping be sure you choose a good permanent stamp pad that won’t smear using Alcohol Markers such as Copic. One of my go to stamp pads is Momento Pigment Dye ink pads. More so , If you plan on using colored pencils then you could use really any ink pad,  I love the Versa Magic Chalk ink pad. Also a newer favorite is the Distressed Ink Pads. Like I mentioned above choose permanent pigment ink if coloring in with your popular alcohol markers to prevent  bleeding. You could try some good color pencils from prismacolor.

Mildliners :

These are double sided pastel highlighters. One side has a chisel tip and the other side has a bullet tip. These are amazing to add a pop of soft color to your bujo but they are not to soft meaning you actually can see your writing. Mildliners are the perfect combination of highlighting and writing.

5. And if you need to keep your kids busy while you get stuff done:

Little Tykes Jump and Slide Bounce House:

My 3 kids got this from Santa! This bounce house is awesome and at a great price. And it's super sturdy and handles all the wrestling that come along with three boys. This will not only keep your kids busy but tire them out in the process. Win Win

So that's about it for today. I hope you learned something from this post. Just keep in mind Bullet Journaling doesn't have to be fancy or neat. That's the beauty of it. It can be daily pages of your cleaning or to-do’s up to fancy colorful layouts. If you want to try it first just grab any notebook and pen you have lying around. You do not need a $20 notebook ( it is a great incentive however to make you use it ) 

I plan on posting many more Bullet Journal posts so if you like to subscribe to my newsletter it will ensure you don't miss any cute posts. Until next time.

Now onto you.

Do you Bullet Journal or do you want to Bullet Journal but just don't know where to begin?

I would love to hear in the comments below.

💜 Jackie

Erin Condren Spring Seasonal Surprise Box

Hi Everyone and Welcome Back. Today I will be talking about my Erin Condren Spring 2018 Seasonal Surprise Box. This box is beautiful and only 35$ and that includes shipping.  


 This post may contain affiliate links.



The Erin Condren Box is a seasonal surprise box with a price tag of 35$ and that's including shipping. It's a great value, at least I think so. These seasonal surprise boxes are packed full of seasonal planner goodies from exclusive items to sneak peaks ~ Meaning you get them before there even up on her site to buy.



I remember the past summer surprise box, I wanted to place a order but completely forgot. Unfortunately when I logged back on they were sold out. A couple weeks had passed and I was seeing this gorgeous summery interchangeable Life Planner Cover all over Instagram that came in that past summer surprise box that I missed out on ordering . Well that cover was never for sale, It was an exclusive just for that box. Huge mistake on my part.

A little advice from my huge mess up, just order the surprise box if your tempted. 35$ with shipping included is a great value for everything that comes packed into these seasonal surprise boxes. Enough rambling!!

Let's take a peek at each individual item shall we.


Save 10$ on your first Erin Condren order using this link right here : Save 10$ off your first Erin Condren Purchase

This Box is beautiful and interchangeable meaning you can use it inside out-that is if you plan on keeping the box. I usually keep all my boxes anyway so why not!

The outside is light green with the white signature floral print that Erin Condren uses for all her shipping boxes but this box being it's reversible has a gorgeous pastel green color with a metallic quote inside.

Here is everything that is included in this seasons surprise box. Enjoy!

And the contents inside:

1. Exclusive! Metallic Interchangeable Cover

This beautiful cover is floral with a denim background and metallic accents. I love how these covers are interchangeable since I change my mind constantly.

2. Exclusive! Reusable Bag In Painted Petals Design That Folds Up.

This bag is absolutely adorable and folds up with a metallic band to wrap around it so you can just throw in your purse. When this is unfolded however it's a great size to fit planners, pen cases, sticker, sticker binders etc. It can hold anything your heart desires.

3. Sneak Peak! Set of 3 adhesive patches.

These patches are super vibrant and super cute. They are fabric with a adhesive backing. Super cute to stick on your planner covers , dashboards or even make a adorable paper clip with them. The possibilities are endless.

4. Sneak Peak! Pack Of Two Red And Peach Metallic Gold Inspirational Quote Pencils

These pencils are not only beautiful but perfect for making bullet journal layouts or even to use as props for planner photos. The colors are gorgeous and the metallic quotes add a pop of style to them.

5. Sneak Peak! Set Of 2 Notecards With Metallic Accents W/ Envelops And Seals.

These notecards are so pretty for sending to family or planner friends. More so with some happy mail or even as a thank you card. They come with everything you need so your not looking for an envelope or seal last minute. And these cards will make you look like you have your shit together. Ha

6. Sneak Peak! Pencil Pouch

This Beautiful but yet durable vinyl pencil pouch looks as if it's made out of denim fabric. It's roomy but also compact so you can toss your favorite pens or pencils in it and throw it in your purse. This pouch has a beautiful red lining with the trademarked Erin Condren leather logo stitched inside. My favorite thing about this pouch especially if you are hard on things ( this girl here) it can be wiped down easily if something spills or gets on it.

7. Exclusive! 1 Functional and 1 Illustrated Sticker Sheet Both With Metallic Accents.


Stickers!!! What Planner girl doesn't love stickers. These stickers are adorable and the deco sheet has a adorable spring theme with quotes. The functional sheet is perfect to stick in your planner to mark appointments, to dos, birthdays etc.


A 25% off coupon!

So there you have it. The Spring 2018 Erin Condren Seasonal Surprise Box.

What do you think of this box or even past boxes. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

💛 Jackie